Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rural Right-Wing Populism and the City-Slicker

This blog was started as my pea-shooter attempt to elevate our critical modern discussions out of Fox-news-landia and back to where intelligent (and literate) Americans can find their feet and fight back, either with the Muse, by other means, or both. It now includes essays and updates from the Bitterroot Valley, a rural area in Western Montana mostly encompassed within Ravalli County  where I am politically active in and from which I necessarily draw much of my material. “Bitterroot Politics” is intended to be informative, humorous and motivating for those of you who live in the Bitterroot and are experiencing this latest iteration of home-grown, rural right-wing populism known by me as Teabaggery first-hand. For those of you who happen upon this site and are not from the Bitterroot or rural areas like it—and I hope you do happen upon it—I try to keep “Bitterroot Politics” broad enough to be of interest to you, too. The Bitterroot is a microcosm of what’s happening throughout rural America these days. If you live in a relatively progressive area, a city for instance, and are wondering how the crazy nationalistic notions being peddled by the likes of the Koch Brothers et al. can possibly stick to the inside walls of otherwise-rational peoples’ skulls, wonder no more. Read on.
To finish up enigmatically, it’s not up to some politician to change the narrative. That’s up to us so don’t waste your time waiting for the bus. We can still get ourselves to where we need to go, so by definition we still have as good a chance as we ever had. Don't lose hope. It’s always been this way. At least in literate societies. So speak up, have fun and stay tuned.
And remember: if I do happen to come up with something original, enlightening and funny from time to time, which is of course my intent, you heard it here first.

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