Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Calling Myself a Progressive

I figure the word “progressive” has a pretty good pedigree but is subject to abuse through overuse.

I would claim it in the sense of an objection I have long held, that “environmentalists” such as myself are opposed to “progress”. I’ve always countered that charge with one of my favorite counter-points, which is that while I’m in no way opposed to progress, I’m just not seeing any lately.

Speaking of clichés, we progressives didn’t invent the six-syllable mouthful of language corruption that now effortlessly rolls out of our mouths through overuse and abuse: “environmentalist”. I think corporate media hung that hat on us and we were collectively too out-of-tune with Poetry to voice offense. If I were to describe myself with a comparable six-syllable insult to the English language, I would follow Montana writer Rick Bass’ lead and identify myself as a “human-f---in’ bein’ ”.

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