Thursday, April 18, 2013

No More Max

The following is a gut reaction response I sent to Max Baucus this morning on his cowardly vote against marginal gun control measures. Many of us have had huge problems with Max on huge issues in the past, but he has topped even himself this time. He's gone too far. He voted against the clear will and need of not only the majority of Americans, but of the majority of Montanans. This is where Progressivism meets the Middle, where progressivism really resides. I urge all of you to contact Senator Baucus here: and I urge all Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives  (mint-flavored Rocky Roads or whatever you want to call yourselves) to come up with some decent candidates who are not afraid to call out the N.R.A. for the terrorist organization that it demonstrably has become.

I'm outraged, sad and determined all at once at your vote against the tepid gun control measures offered to the Senate yesterday. I always vote Democratic, but I will never vote for you again, and I will actively work against you in the next election on this issue. I don't care if the Republican candidate is Dracula. You made a horrible decision yesterday. Bill LaCroix


  1. You inspired me to send my own email to Max telling him I too will never vote for him again and will actively work against him. Sadly he has become a political hack interested only in his reelection, not the best interests of Montanans.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. It's a sad state of affairs when the clear and present majority in a democracy has no effective say in affairs of their government. Turns the teabag argument on its head. Freedom for who? Freedom from what? Come what may, Max has to go, even if we get Dracula. Ultimately it's up to us to change the choices.

  3. SHAME MAX. Spineless to a fault he is, running from NRA phone-banks when CLEARLY majority of Montanans for gun safety while preserving our 2nd Amendment. I'm a veteran like yourself and have firearms, BUT I respect them, not insanely wedded to 'em, like Crazy WayneBoy LaPierre, ace fake and phoney, wrapping himself in OUR flag while he got draft-deferment, which I can understand, but WayneBoy pitches himself as Captain America, here to save us all. His blood-drenched hands cannot be cleansed, and we will have gun safety advance, but it is a struggle, just like abolition was for decades before the Civil War, and that still hasn't been settled to this day even after the Sixties, considering the crazed, manic behavior of Baggers.

  4. Max not only failed us, but also utterly FAILED to use his DECADES of DC experiences and senior position on the Finance Committee to get consensus. And then the JERK backpeddles on ACA and blames the White House and he should look at his
    BIG PHARMA infected and NRA riddled rotten corpse.