Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guy M. Brandborg (left), Nez Perce Forest, 1930s

"No more fine words. No more nifty websites. Hard deeds. Now.”  Bill McKibben

All who seek to heel the wounds inflicted on the Land by our species
Passively or with hearts purple in anger
You have to know
The reason why so little progress has been made.

There is a spot in your head that—You!--are not using yet.
It must be activated now.

Nobody knows what or where that little spot is
Anymore than the whole combined world of scientists
Knows of the existence of 90% of the species on this Earth
Let alone the name given to them by Catholic.

For the sake of argument
Let’s call it a bit of fat with nerve endings
Or religion
Who cares?
Just dig 

Until you find your way
And then
Figure out the thousand other ways
To give directions to the one in a thousand 
who will give a damn.
because remember:
only one in a thousand 
will give a damn
And that's all that's needed 

From us 
Now! To merely seek the end of a Thousand Paths 
where the stone in the creek lies just right
at the crossing
to be worth the first step across.

Stretch your brain goddamit!
Is all I’m saying.
How else do you think we made it to this sorry point to begin with?
It's been done before
and is not Rocket Science

And by the way
There’s nothing worse
Than a conceited monkey
Don’t you agree?
Evolve, my friends.
Why not?

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