Friday, April 6, 2012

Bitterroot Wing-nuttery: Part 2

Preface: After I sent the Bitterroot Star my letter (Bitterroot Wing-nuttery: Part 1: Hell), I sent a shortened version to the Ravalli Republic, because the Republic usually likes to keep their letters down to 300 words or less. Within my shortened letter I referenced Mr. Wisneiwski’s stalking of two citizens claiming his right as “citizen enforcer” to do so. Sherry Devlin, the editor, refused to print the letter, and the following is the exchange we had.

I re-submitted the letter (below) with reference to “stalking” taken out. I haven’t heard back from her yet.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sherry Devlin []
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 10:21 PM
To: Bill LaCroix
Subject: RE: Letter to editor

If you want this to run in the paper, you need to take out the stalking/threatening references -- unless charges were filed and convictions were won -- and stick with your complaints about the Democratic filings.
Sherry Devlin/ Ravalli Republic editor

From: Bill LaCroix
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2012 1:45 PM
To: ravalli republic
Subject: Letter to Editor

There was no actual “stalking” charges filed, unfortunately, even though that’s exactly what he did. There is a police report (and I believe a RR article) about the late Oct. 2010 incident with the county commissioner. He did maliciously follow Stewart Brandborg to his home in July of 2010 and then announced Brandy’s address at a Celebrating Conservativism meeting shortly thereafter with the suggestion that some of the 100+ “2nd Amendment” people attending  “go talk to him”. This is what we have to put up with every day here with these people, they are libelous-to-malicious in word, deed and print, and they get away with it. Partly because of a biased standard of proof they’re allowed as opposed to their victims. It’s tiresome.
No offense, but just so you know.                                                                         Bill LaCroix   

Re-submitted Letter:
Jan Wisneiwski has been in the papers a couple times this last week. He’s been there before, like when he followed and bullied a female county commissioner and an elderly citizen in 2010, but let’s stick to the present.
First we see him inviting a fellow Freeman-style conspiracy aficionado to our public planning board meeting to “testify” that environmentalists are trying to foist a Stalinist system of repression on “we the people” through Agenda 21 after allowing the public meeting to be opened with a prayer that that the board had just voted not to allow (can anybody say the word “libel”?). Next we see him and six other conspiracy-minded “patriots” filing for Democratic precinct positions. We hear him claiming that he doesn’t know anything about why his extremist buddies filed at the same time he did and we hear that he’s not “looking at going in there and trying to trash the central committee” . Rather, he claims, he just wants to see the Democratic Party be “more open and transparent”. “I’m a Democrat”, he offers as an example of this new “openness and transparency” he would like to subject Democrats to. “It says so right there on the ballot.”
For anyone who agrees with Jan that bullying people who disagree with their world view is O.K. because they must be evil “Stalinists” by definition (since they disagree with them), and who further equates this air-tight rationale-to-bully with “First Amendment rights”, I offer this little factoid: all seven imposters filed for Democratic precinct chairs on the afternoon of March 12th, the last day for filing. Six of the seven were recorded within minutes of each other, from 3:50 PM and 4:40 PM. The one filed at 4:40PM was notarized by Ravalli Co. Republican Central Committee chair (and publicly-subsidized Planning Office-Manager) Terry Nelson the day before, on a Sunday. They all walked in at the last minute, together, to “trash the central committee”, Jan’s disingenuous “aw,shucks” defense notwithstanding.

Maybe all you conspiracy scholars who have worked so hard to obtain your heightened sense of Paranoia can help me out: where in all this do we find the openness and transparency, the honesty and respect for the rights of others that you insist that everyone else grant to you? I eagerly await your inevitable response.

Bill LaCroix/ Victor, MT    

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