Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ravalli County Trainwreck Continued

This is yet another letter I sent to the local papers about the laws of physics: If a railroad bridge is washed out up ahead of a fast-moving county-government train full of loose wingnuts and thier tax-paying captives, and the wingnuts who have unfortunately been given the throttle refuse to slow down, gravity (if you believe in Gravity) dictates that there probably or will (depending on how well your own personal world-view nuts are screwed down) be a train wreck.

Are we there yet?
Thursday morning, the Ravalli County commissioners agreed with planning board members Jan Wisniewski, Vito Ciliberti, Bill Menager and other appointees who hold Freeman/Posse Comitatus-style extremist views that it is proper planning board business to discuss—on county time—whether those of us who advocate for clean air and water are in reality part of an international Stalinist conspiracy to forcibly relocate Montanans to Seattle.
That’s right. That was the level of discussion Thursday morning at your county administration building.  On your dime, your five commissioners and the extremists they have appointed to the planning board now insist that it is proper, and even “educational”, to force planning board members and the public at large to sit through paranoid spectacles like the planning board meeting last month. That was the planning board meeting when Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel spouted forth about Agenda 21, which he claimed was not the non-binding (read: toothless) agreement to provide assistance for communities seeking help on issues like energy-efficiency--which it is—but rather is a nefarious blueprint for a communist one-world government to use environmentalism as a “tool” to promote such treasonous evils as wilderness, smart growth, the Clean Air and Water acts, the Endangered Species Act and zoning regulations. Your commissioners also agreed that planning board members who do not share similar paranoid world views and do not wish to waste their time sitting through such indoctrination sessions should be censured, disenfranchised and even kicked off the board.
That’s right. What your commissioners told you Thursday morning—you members of the public who believe that clean air, water, wilderness and zoning are worth speaking up for—is that you are being summarily defined as a “threat”, and are therefore fair game to be the topic and target of conspiracy blame-games and paranoid witch hunts conducted—on your public dime—by what can only and fairly be defined at this point as a rogue commission and its various hand-picked board members.
The full video of the April 19th commissioners’ meeting should be available within the next couple of days at
In the meantime, please contact them and express your feelings on this matter:
Ravalli County Commission:         375-6500          
Bill LaCroix           Victor, Montana               642-6400

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