Monday, December 17, 2012

Did you know: the 223-caliber Bushmaster Assault Rifle is a "Pro-life" weapon?

Please look at the main weapon Adam Lanza pointed at little children--and fired into the faces of.

Now please read how Bushmaster clinically-describes such weapons, designed soley for combat, as the one used at Sandy Hook that capably fired up to six rounds a second into a crowded classroom of little children:
“With a Bushmaster for security and home defense, you can sleep tight knowing that your loved ones are protected. Bushmaster offers everything you need to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our high-quality pistols, carbines, and rifles are extremely reliable, easy to shoot, and include lightweight carbon models that are perfect for women. And with their intimidating looks, all Bushmasters make a serious impression.”
Next, please check out all the local dealerships listed on Bushmaster’s own website where you can easily obtain this weapon. This list does not include gun shows or parents’ closets:
Finally, please consider all the ranting, railing and law-passing that’s been done in our Montana legislature by so-called “pro-lifers” these past 20 years or so to make such weapons so easily accessable in the name of their pro-life “freedom”.
It’s the flu season. If you throw up, it might be that. But it might be time to reclaim our very own official state language--English--and redefine some terms for the sake of sanity.
“Pro-life” indeed.

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  1. GOP and the 'baggers' (TP, and that's not 'toilet paper') are all Pro-Life ONLY up to moment of birth, then it's hands off, let 'em go the the workhouses and prisons as T.P. Scrooge might suggest, become wage-slaves, earning 1/400th of what the corporate CEO titans steal now. Even the top general or admiral in the US military only earns about 20 times more than the lowest private or sailor.