Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Wonder Whose Bones Are Under That Subdivision

Coppell used to be a town in Texas. 
           You know
Davy Crockett under a coonskin cap,
      cowboys and   
           French-German settlers so sure they're right 
Even as their un-air-conditioned dreams 
                   get scalped by Comanches’
own ideas of fair compensation
        for the original bundled real estate derivative.

That kind of Texas 
       Coppell used to be
        Honest enough
But now you can’t hardly catch sight of a lizard 
 skittering across the overpaved road
            of a spanking-new bedroom ruin of the proud and the weary
The workers and the rich, and all those who really want to be.
 A lizard
I finally saw one
                                        after five days, 
                                                              skittering home over 

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