Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Pretty Good Dream

In my dream I went to Colorado, where there was a golf tournament which I was supposed to participate in. I don't play golf, and so I begged off, saying I couldn’t even hit a golf ball let alone make one do what I wanted it to do. Everyone was in agreement that I should spend my time instead with a family of interesting characters doing outrageous things. They were mostly grownups.

One guy had a pondful of exotic fish in his room that had tiny lion heads underwater. He threw bits of food into the pond and watched them snap the bits up. The heads turned into the heads of pretty young ladies when they breached the surface of the water. They were mermaids. Their hair dried instantly in the air, and they were beautiful. But when they dunked their heads into the water again they looked even prettier, like almost anybody who smiles. Some in-laws of this family were doing a recording in an interesting room with an old analogue board, listening to the music while they all lined up and ate a long and excellent dinner. I stayed there exclusively.

Until it was time for my adventure, which I always have in my dreams. One of my interesting friends accompanied me. We entered a cave and encountered a group of beings going out. They were human but “other” in a good way and had strange customs. They touched me on the left shoulder in greeting. The women were flirty. They all had excellent senses of humor, just like my family of instant friends.

Then my fellow adventurer and I had to cross a city. It was traffic-jammed with aggressive young men revving their muscle cars and fearful people trying to keep up with them in their motor homes. It was Van Nuys Boulevard, where at a tender age I first confused growing up with loud cars. But this Van Nuys Boulevard had a gangland twist. The People didn’t want to upset the angry ones by going too slow and so the whole flow of traffic was suicidally-fast. On the side streets of the main drag were ambulances queuing up for the inevitable carnage built into the fabric of this society, which was ours.

The ambulances were five deep, and the last I remember I was going underground again with the flirty women and my other characters, all of whom had excellent senses of humor.

It was a pretty good dream.

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