Thursday, September 5, 2013

War is War; Say No to Syrian Missile Strikes Now

Howdy. Been a while since I posted, and this isn’t what I intended to get up next. But if anyone’s out there, this is urgent:
If you don’t like the idea of the U.S. taking on another war in the Middle East, please to this minimum. Go to’s petition here:, sign it and pass it on. Then contact:

Tell them the same. They’re meeting in Washington on Sept. 9th to give Obama the green light. So far they’re all for the war and that’s what’s going to happen if your reps don’t hear from you immediately. Tester and Baucus are nominally vulnerable. Daines is hopeless but give him hell anyways. Below’s my comment to Obama. Use more or less words or no words. Cut and paste it, I don’t care. Just say NO! Make ‘em hear. If you don’t say anything, you’re complicate. Simple as that. 

It’s easy to believe that nothing we do makes a difference. Denial’s seductive that way. Everything we do makes a difference, one way or another. It’s up to us, not them. Yes, it does have to be ENOUGH of us, and we may not get our way right away even then. But do it anyways. Visualize seven-year-old children torn apart by Tomahawk missiles. Just for instance, I have a seven-year-old. Do you? Visualize it. You have to try.

President Obama,
We voted for hope--twice. Over and over and over again We The People have expressed to you that we overwhelmingly desired something different from this administration. I am an activist. I will vote for Democrats because I understand that I have no choice. The damage this administration does when it cuts off the legs of its base is not us walking around with a limp (for your administration anyway).  It's all the first time voters WE GOT TO THE POLLS who voted for hope and who will now never darken the door of a voting booth again. War is war. Missile strikes and dead civilians is war with a capital Ugly, especially if it's "sold" to us as a peace package. Please do not play games with our English language. That's so Bushian. Be honest with those first time voters whom we (and you) so desperately need. And then, please! Do not go to war with Syria. Your administration had a mandate. Here's your chance to see if you can get it back. 

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