Thursday, April 3, 2014

Political Correctness--A Definition and Some Advice

Political Correctness is a term invented by Sen. Jesse Helms, one of the most far-right politicians of the Reagan years, to denigrate anyone to the left of Atilla The Hun, and it's common usage has not strayed from its origins one iota since then. 

When someone to the left of Atilla uses the term "politically correct" they are declaring solidarity with, or at least demonstrating the internalization of a philosophy that a man who proudly proclaimed his first-name status with the Salvadorean Death Squad leader Roberto D'aubuisson and other first-rate murderers of his era would thank you for perpetrating.

Therefore, in the face of the Ubiquity of Stupidity (I just made that up--you're welcome to steal it!) in an era when we should be trying to elevate our level of discussion on the critical issues of our time one has to ask: Are we doomed, then, to repeating vicious banalities invented by monsters?

At the very least, don't use that goddam phrase on me or mine. Think, please.

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