Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dallas Erickson vs Life As We Know It

A mere few years ago, when Dallas Erickson mounted his “Not In My Bathroom” campaign to fight a Missoula ordinance to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, I agreed with him. There are certain kinds of people I would not want to be alone in a public bathroom with my kid. Dallas, who has worn his sexual insecurities on his sleeve for as many years as I’ve associated the city “Dallas” with the name, “Erickson”, was top on that list and that hasn’t changed. Not that the Flat World Right has a corner on the “insecurities” market. But in my experience, most Lefties, if they suffer, don’t do so in such a public manner. That’s what our superficial labellings boil down to when you get to the burnt scrum at the bottom of the political pot, which is where we are now. The Left, for all its many, many faults, is not an ideological haven for open perverts and misanthropes. The Right, on the other hand, is.

If I were doing the boiling, I’d say the gist of the matter as to whether we want our grandkids to remember us as “Righties” or “Lefties”, is enclosed within the following two recent news items:

On May 29th, in a letter to the Ravalli Republic, Mr. Erickson wrote that “Ravalli County is made of a great number of people who call themselves Christian Conservatives. As such we feel that abortion is even more evil than the holocaust because we consider it the taking of a human life. Scientists are in virtual consensus that life begins at conception and unlike their vocal stand on “man caused global warming” they are silent as thousands of babies are killed.”[i]

Never mind, for the moment, that “Science” is in no such virtual consensus that life begins at conception, while it is in virtual consensus on the question of “man caused global warming”. Just let Dallas’ jabbering be for the moment, because he make his own point, which is also mine.

To point, Item Two: Five days before Dallas' local dogmato-screed, on May 24, 227 Republicans (and four Democrats) in the U.S. House of Representatives voted for an amendment that would prevent the Department of Defense from addressing climate change. In justifying this example of jaw-dropping hubris, the author of the bill, Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) posited the rhetorical question that should be on everyone’s lips these days.“Why should Congress” he opined, “divert funds from the mission of our military…to support a political ideology.”[ii] To rephrase this in geo-political terms, 231 of the most powerful people currently on the face of our dear Earth found this statement to be without screaming inconsistencies, and voted to divert funds for Rep. McKinley's (and Dallas") more perfect political ideology.

I don’t think I could say it any better than Mr. Erickson or Rep. McKinley. What can be more disturbing than a “Christian Conservative” or any other confused person sharing one-on-one bathroom time with any of my kids? How about enough self-righteous, dogmatically blinded voters agreeing with the likes of such an open homophile like Erickson in this time of our own extremity, to the point of allowing these flatworlders who have no intention of dealing in any meaningful way with Humankind’s survival to occupy positions of vast power where they debate that very subject? Change begins at home, remember, and if we Bitterrooters put up with Dallas' screeds without consistently condemning them then we are complicit. If you don't believe this, just remember three words. Family Planning Clinic. Extinct in our community today because too many of us are simply not paying enough attention to the fascists in our midsts. And I do mean fascists. Remember: Dallas made $100,000 (gross--and I do mean "gross") as Walmart's frontman in shoving their corporate agenda up ours just before the international corporate bank heist that tanked our economy and temporarily made their super-sized mega-store a moot point and also sent the likes of Swiss-owned insurance vice presidents, Rep. Nancy Ballance (R-Victor), up from Southern California to be one of our moral den mothers. (Let us pray...).

Many Righties, such as Erickson and Harris Himes (remember him?) actually want our world to go to hell. They believe in this outcome, and they and theirs say so every day. Let that reality stare you in the face for a bit and then know that our grandkids, whether we self-identify on either the Right or the Left, will rightfully damn us, each and every one, for allowing this collective insult of reason to have gone on for so long. 

How about we get busy and start effectively counteracting this utter nonsense? 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rapture

Jesus was much misunderstood even in his own day, but in his infinite wisdom He knew that this human flaw, presently referred to as "disconnect", would get much worse over time. To speak to this concern, He first of all predicted to His followers that if this thing they were starting really got off the ground (so to speak) He would eventually be misquoted, misrepresented and downright lied about so shamelessly by those who forever have taken good things and knocked them on their asses for their own narrow purposes that eventually things were bound to get really, really bad for everyone. But not to worry. His Dad had promised Him that when things got truly unbearable, He (His Dad) would suck up all of these misguided troublemakers into the sky, which is where they will be pining to go anyway, so everything will end up working out fine for everybody, which is all Jesus really wanted. This sucking will be temporarily inconvenient, but will ultimately be worthwhile, and will be known as the Rapture for reasons inscrutable. All who would yearn for Good Things, Jesus admonished His followers, should pray for it.

I know I am.

Thursday, May 15, 2014