Thursday, June 9, 2016

Go Bernie!

8000+ people waiting hours to see Bernie/ Missoula Montana/ May 11, 2016

Here's a little paragraph I wrote to the Bernie website I've been contributing to this last year ($27 a shot) when it asked me why I support Bernie. I don't suppose anyone will really read it there, so I thought I'd reprint it here and let five or ten other people see what they think. Ah, the internet! I suppose I should thank Al Gore for all these joys at my fingertips, but I'm still mad at him for not fighting harder the last time the media stole a presidential election. The bastards….

It's hard to express in this somewhat impersonal format how deeply I respect Bernie's efforts on our behalf. Since Reagan, most politicians bow out or wimp out long before the job is done, but Bernie is clearly the politician so many of us hope will be the prototype of the future. My main income these days is Social Security, and I figure if my children are going to have that program when they get to be my age Bernie's campaign is an excellent investment of a couple month's worth of mine now. Maybe the best thing about his (our) campaign is that he woke up so many people—especially the young--to the corporatist nature of the entrenched party and media. The latest machinations and collusions of the corporatists and the media in undermining our democratic process in the June 7 primaries—particularly in California--will never quit smelling like the rotten elk carcass in the hot sun that it is. This brand of open-air, stinking collusion between cozy elites has certainly happened before (the 2000 Bush vs Gore coup for instance) But thanks to Bernie we are finally being given a big enough voice to (maybe) shout them down this time. Maybe not yet, but the movement is building. In fact I feel it’s just the beginning and it’s entirely exciting. What choice do Us The People have but to be “clear-eyed” optimists?
Sincere thanks and…Go Bernie!

I recommend sending Bernie  donations as long as he asks for them. His donation site has about 20 progressive candidates that you can also help out with a credit card number and a push of a button. It's not the hardest thing we'll have to do in the near future, certainly not the only thing. But you can count on Bernie that every dollar you spend now is a real-time investment in your kids' and our Earth's future.

 DireWolf says:
 Get off your butts 
Don't give up 
And give til it hurts
Or your kids'll end up in a tar pit
And then go extinct.
Don't tell me I don't know!!