Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump's Finacial Records NOW! 

Here's a good one. Above is a picture from Bloomberg, who has been doing a great job of tracking Trump's massive conflicts-of-interests that, as of this date, are still not being treated by congress or the media as anything but a Quirky-Trumpy-Thing-ha-ha…

That's why I'm taking the liberty of posting it without asking first, because it's so blatant and timely. I tried doing my own version of the map, but I got confounded by my computer once more, ended up wasting a bunch of time and so I said to myself "Dammit, this stuff has to get out to as many sources as possible because, god knows, the likes of NPR sure don't spend any significant time informing about such things." (By the way,  progressives: quit sending donations to NPR-carrying public radio stations, but that's another post).

OK. Look at the map. The red countries are the ones Trump's Immigration Ban covers. The tan countries are the ones that Trump has business ties to. Note that Saudi Arabia, the country where the extremists who actually carried out the 9-11 attacks came from, is tan. 

Get it? 

Now call up your senators and demand that they demand Trump's tax records NOW!

photo from Twitter

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