Saturday, February 18, 2017

Qoute For The Day

Speaking of moon-deployments: here’s a quote-for-the-day.
“Are Republicans dismayed that they have put a loathsome, deranged, misogynistic, racist, psychopathic, uninformed, self-promoting, corrupt, insulting, genital-grabbing, conspiracy-theory-peddling, Jew-baiting, narcissistic-behaving, country-destroying, Putin-loving, generally disgusting, fascist, loofa-faced sh*t-gibbon into power in our White House?
No, they are not.[i]
                      Dave Johnson, contributing blogger for the Campaign for America's Future.               

I think we should make every effort to laugh at fascists because, if for no other reason, they don’t like it, which may be as good a definition of fascism as any... 
...But we should also remember each and every time we laugh: there’s nothing funny about fascism.

It's OK though. It feels good and, unlike many of our unimaginative fellow citizens “across the aisle”[ii], we can hold two thoughts in our heads at the same time and still get something done.                           

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