Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Talkin' Bomb Shelter Blues

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Our "leaders" and our craven media are once again trying to sell us on the idea of nuclear war as a do-able thing. This has happened before. Below are the lyrics to "Talkin' Bomb Shelters Blues", a song I wrote in the early 80s when the Reagan people (every bit as crazy and murderous as the Trump team) were trying to sell us on the idea of "refurbishing" our bomb shelters as a first step down the mental rathole of accepting the idea of nuclear war. 

Well I picked up a paper the other day
and was surprised to see the front page say
our bomb shelters were under stashed
in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Our concerned president was underway
to try and get us citizens to pay
for a years supply of canned air and grits
so we'll be prepared for when the big one hits.
(y'know, everything that makes life worthwhile, canned asparagus, DVDs, condums…)

I remember bomb shelters from long ago
when folks were spendin' lots of dough
diggin' holes in their backyards and fillin' 'em with cement
and callin' 'em security, an investment!
(They'd take out loans on 'em, which is mighty strange when you think about it a certain way, but what's stranger was the banks would give 'em to 'em!)

Well, I put down that paper and I felt sad
it took a little while and I got mad
about all the jive that I have heard
'bout how the world has had it, so give it the bird.

There's Mister Big saying' bigger is better
and the bigger the big, well the better the better
and if we gotta fight big to get the better
lets all get fried in the glorious together!
(we'll make the whole world one big strip mine. Then we'll all be rich…right?)

And there's plenty of Doomsday tales for you
some comet's gonna split the Earth right in two
California's gonna shake of right about Texas
or the planets lining up for a big Solar Plexis.

And theres all those religions goin' round
circling' down on the ol' common ground
Say the end is comin' and it's comin' fast
so forget this world, save your spirit's ass.

But wait a minute…

Have you seen the sky turn grey and then turn blue?
Have you listened to the rivers and the mountains, too?
Don't you think there's something bigger here than me and you
tryin' to tell us get together before it's through?

And if they push the button like the sayin' goes
and the world turns on like a big light bulb
and you're down in some hole with no night or day
What the hell you want to live for anyway?

So when you're talkin' bomb shelters, you're talkin' defeat
when you fix 'em up you can have my seat
I'll be up here tryin' to make ends meet
not down in some hole playin' hide and seek.
(I ha….ate canned asparagus!!!)

Any questions?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Remember Nuclear War?

Donald Trump Holding Court at Mar-A-Lago Grasping Golden Tomahawk Missiles While President Xi Jinping (in background) Runs Away
Leaked Virtual Brain Imaging (VBI) from Trump's thinking on April 6, 2017, compiled from state-of-art Ratheon Spying technology

Here's a quiz.

Do you know where your president was when he launched World War 4 (with North Korea and China)?

We know he launched World War 3 (against Syria, Iran and Russia) from his vacation palace at Mar-A-Lago (which, in Spanish means: "Sea-A-Lake" which is a perfectly normal name) while having a friendly visit with his friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is perfectly normal for "the Trump Era"[i].

While some expert pundits who are very impressed with the size of Trump's missiles are not sure whether there have actually been any world wars launched from vacation palaces since the days of the Louis the 14th (the Sun King) and his Palace of Versailles a few hundred years ago, they are comfortable with the notion that a U.S. president vacationing through existential world crises of his own manufacture is, in a word, normal. In fact, everybody who's anybody is valuing their "down time" over our species' survival these days. It's all the rage.

Just look at Congress, the pundits point out to their consumers (us). Right after World War 3 was safely launched from Trump's overstuffed throne, and also immediately proceeding their criminal embedding of a corporate fascist into our Supreme Court, this corporate, fee-for-use Congress went on their own vacations, leaving Trump at peace to start the military gears churning toward World War 4 (against North Korea and China).  

Pundits generally agree then, and it should furthermore go without saying to any premature Putin-lovers out there, that too many cooks spoil the broth, and that there is obviously no need for Congress to do any of that arcane and expensive advise-and-consent stuff. Why not save the taxpayers a few bucks then, and let the Congress just go home for a little golf or whatever, which of course should not include reaching out to their constituents (consumers) to gauge how We The People (consumers) actually feel about all of this perfectly normal stuff because, you know, reaching out is very, very expensive, not normal in the Trump Era and therefore no longer necessary.

So I want to be very clear here, that I also think all of this is very, very normal and that I really don't mean to blame those poor, overworked pundits and congresspeople for not doing their jobs during an existential worldwide crisis of their own making. After all, they earned their stock options just with their Gorsuch heist, don't you agree?

But something is bothering me, nevertheless, and I have to say that I'm still wondering where Donald Trump physically was when he launched World War 4 (against North Korea and China).

Did he actually have the audacity to launch two world wars from an overstuffed throne at his vacation palace? 

I know it's just a technicality now, because all of this is so very, very, very normal. But what I'm wondering is this: 

Are there any U.S. leaders not on vacation while they collectively threaten to fry our whole wide world including our children, grandchildren and hope itself?

All Hail the Sun King, then?

When America was Great
Atomic Annie bombing the Nevada desert because it chose to resist.

[i] Jeff Sessions, 4/11/17

Friday, April 7, 2017

Terrorism Defined

There's some confusion among media pundits in these Days Of Trump about what Terrorism is and isn't. 

Poor pundits! They've spent the last five months since the November elections practicing a peculiar brand of high-profile, full-body soul-searching, with the apparent goal of making sure that we, the traumatized public, fully appreciated that they were so wrapped up in their high-profile tele-world that they "didn't see Trump coming", and therefore didn't report the fact. This, in turn, has led to some of them, occasionally, reporting real news, which has been a good and refreshing thing.

All that has changed, however, and as always, all it took was a bombing. This time in the name of the suffering childen whom, just a mere month ago, the Trump Administration was actively trying to drown in the Mediterranean surf. How confusing it must be to the traumatized public to witness the all-knowing, big-souled pundits climbing back onboard the Empire Express for the mere price of 59 Cruise Missiles ($80 million or $1.3 million apiece) launched in the general direction of those same children who are supposed to be the missiles' beneficiaries!

Therefore, as a public service, I'm offering a simple definition of Terrorism, as short and as sweet as any definition our pundits and politicians have hard-drived into their speed dialing explaino-machines. Here it is:

Terrorism is:
Not a white man traveling from Baltimore to New York City to murder "blacks" 
Not an armed takeover of a federal wildlife preserve by Mormon white supremacists from Nevada
Not a white man murdering worshippers in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina
Not a state-sponsored, militarized and partially-privatized police force brutally repressing the free-speech rights of indigenous peoples in North Dakota
Not anything a white man does or does not do.

Terrorism is:
Something that a white man can bomb.

There. I hope this clears up any confusion as we go forward toward war with Syria, Iran and Russia.