Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Remember Nuclear War?

Donald Trump Holding Court at Mar-A-Lago Grasping Golden Tomahawk Missiles While President Xi Jinping (in background) Runs Away
Leaked Virtual Brain Imaging (VBI) from Trump's thinking on April 6, 2017, compiled from state-of-art Ratheon Spying technology

Here's a quiz.

Do you know where your president was when he launched World War 4 (with North Korea and China)?

We know he launched World War 3 (against Syria, Iran and Russia) from his vacation palace at Mar-A-Lago (which, in Spanish means: "Sea-A-Lake" which is a perfectly normal name) while having a friendly visit with his friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is perfectly normal for "the Trump Era"[i].

While some expert pundits who are very impressed with the size of Trump's missiles are not sure whether there have actually been any world wars launched from vacation palaces since the days of the Louis the 14th (the Sun King) and his Palace of Versailles a few hundred years ago, they are comfortable with the notion that a U.S. president vacationing through existential world crises of his own manufacture is, in a word, normal. In fact, everybody who's anybody is valuing their "down time" over our species' survival these days. It's all the rage.

Just look at Congress, the pundits point out to their consumers (us). Right after World War 3 was safely launched from Trump's overstuffed throne, and also immediately proceeding their criminal embedding of a corporate fascist into our Supreme Court, this corporate, fee-for-use Congress went on their own vacations, leaving Trump at peace to start the military gears churning toward World War 4 (against North Korea and China).  

Pundits generally agree then, and it should furthermore go without saying to any premature Putin-lovers out there, that too many cooks spoil the broth, and that there is obviously no need for Congress to do any of that arcane and expensive advise-and-consent stuff. Why not save the taxpayers a few bucks then, and let the Congress just go home for a little golf or whatever, which of course should not include reaching out to their constituents (consumers) to gauge how We The People (consumers) actually feel about all of this perfectly normal stuff because, you know, reaching out is very, very expensive, not normal in the Trump Era and therefore no longer necessary.

So I want to be very clear here, that I also think all of this is very, very normal and that I really don't mean to blame those poor, overworked pundits and congresspeople for not doing their jobs during an existential worldwide crisis of their own making. After all, they earned their stock options just with their Gorsuch heist, don't you agree?

But something is bothering me, nevertheless, and I have to say that I'm still wondering where Donald Trump physically was when he launched World War 4 (against North Korea and China).

Did he actually have the audacity to launch two world wars from an overstuffed throne at his vacation palace? 

I know it's just a technicality now, because all of this is so very, very, very normal. But what I'm wondering is this: 

Are there any U.S. leaders not on vacation while they collectively threaten to fry our whole wide world including our children, grandchildren and hope itself?

All Hail the Sun King, then?

When America was Great
Atomic Annie bombing the Nevada desert because it chose to resist.

[i] Jeff Sessions, 4/11/17

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