Friday, April 7, 2017

Terrorism Defined

There's some confusion among media pundits in these Days Of Trump about what Terrorism is and isn't. 

Poor pundits! They've spent the last five months since the November elections practicing a peculiar brand of high-profile, full-body soul-searching, with the apparent goal of making sure that we, the traumatized public, fully appreciated that they were so wrapped up in their high-profile tele-world that they "didn't see Trump coming", and therefore didn't report the fact. This, in turn, has led to some of them, occasionally, reporting real news, which has been a good and refreshing thing.

All that has changed, however, and as always, all it took was a bombing. This time in the name of the suffering childen whom, just a mere month ago, the Trump Administration was actively trying to drown in the Mediterranean surf. How confusing it must be to the traumatized public to witness the all-knowing, big-souled pundits climbing back onboard the Empire Express for the mere price of 59 Cruise Missiles ($80 million or $1.3 million apiece) launched in the general direction of those same children who are supposed to be the missiles' beneficiaries!

Therefore, as a public service, I'm offering a simple definition of Terrorism, as short and as sweet as any definition our pundits and politicians have hard-drived into their speed dialing explaino-machines. Here it is:

Terrorism is:
Not a white man traveling from Baltimore to New York City to murder "blacks" 
Not an armed takeover of a federal wildlife preserve by Mormon white supremacists from Nevada
Not a white man murdering worshippers in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina
Not a state-sponsored, militarized and partially-privatized police force brutally repressing the free-speech rights of indigenous peoples in North Dakota
Not anything a white man does or does not do.

Terrorism is:
Something that a white man can bomb.

There. I hope this clears up any confusion as we go forward toward war with Syria, Iran and Russia.

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