Thursday, October 4, 2018

F.B.I. Loyalty to Trump??!!

Former F.B.I. Director James Comey During Congressional Testimony Last Year Receiving Orders From a Coffee Cup Instead of "President" Trump
(Republican Conspiracy Theory #27018-b: see F.B.I. Kavanaugh Investigation appendix)

The firing of former F.B.I. Director James Comey by Trump last year for being “disloyal” to him personally, and the hiring of a millionaire Republican operative to take his place (Christopher Wray) should have been our second constitutional crisis. One of the first issues Mueller was supposed to investigate, in fact, was whether Trump intentionally obstructed justice by firing Comey for not being “loyal” to him and dropping the “Russian matter”. The first constitutional crisis should have been Mitch (Sock Monkey) McConnell’s refusal to schedule Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearings while Obama (“that black guy”…wink, wink) was still president. 
Neither of these were dealt with as the crises they were because the Republican majority wanted to give their rich benefactors (and, indeed, themselves) large amounts of money from the public coffers.
This they did, and now we have the spectacle of a “loyal” millionaire F.B.I. director helping Republican senators and the "president" cover up an investigation so the Supreme Court can be stacked with Far-Right Federalist Society members. All of these bad actors have been involved since the beginning of this charade, all started out extremely wealthy, and all are getting wealthier and wealthier each day (and month and year) this charade continues.
Republicans (and corporate media) have this game they play with us. They tell us there are “two sides” of any issue like this, and each side should be equally heard and then we should “move on”. They frame these catastrophic issues of their own making (a standard racketeering tactic) as a “Republican vs Democrat” thing, and since corporate media is owned and operated by extremely rich people, they use this false wedge to further frame anyone who opposes them as “Democrats” and therefore “evil”.
OK then. Let’s just admit that there’s no doubt that a certain percentage of any human population is either amoral, mentally-compromised, hopelessly bigoted, batshit crazy, or a combination of those choices. OK. Now let’s have a reality check with a mere observation: just because our demonstrably-failing society rewards sociopaths with vast amounts of money and power, that doesn’t mean that they are leaders, or even that they have a broad constituency behind them. It means, simply, simply…that they are demagogues.
OK, finally, the question, a simple, simple one: just exactly when did the president start having the right to be telling the F.B.I. who and what to investigate in matters writ large like a SCOTUS nomination (or anything!?) without setting off constitutional crisis alarm bells?!
Jeezus H. (himself) Christ! Remember the Benghazi “hearings”. Remember Bill Clinton’s inquisition (by these same emperious jerks?!) What if Obama or Clinton had pulled this? The Horror!...right?
The real question, as far as I can trace it is this:
Since when, oh mighty millionaires and billionaires, did you become our princes and princesses?

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