Sunday, January 13, 2019

Congress is Finally Doing its Job!

Stewart M. Brandborg (1925-2017)
Iconic Environmentalist
Executive Director, The Wilderness Society, 1964-1976
Founder, Friends of the Bitterroot, Bitterrooters For Planning
and much, much more

I couldn’t help noticing that there’s been a lot of talk these last three weeks of this latest government shutdown about congressional dysfunction, which is mystifying to me. I was all of twelve years old when the Wilderness Law was passed through that body and, barring a few insignificant little blips here and there that was the last era I can think of in my lifetime that Congress was actually interested in doing its job and now, by standing up to the orange, lying, racist bloviator and his minions they are acting like they’re interested in doing it again.

They wouldn’t have been interested in 1964 if it hadn’t been for uncompromising believers in Democracy like Stewart “Brandy” Brandborg (whom I had the honor of knowing) and so many others whom I didn’t know, who gave everything they had for what they believed was right and, if you’ve ever appreciated the wildlands they unequivocally saved from the blade and the saw with the passage of the Wilderness Law, you’ll have to admit that they were right. Brandy often advised those striving for a better, saner world to not hesitate to do the right thing, which was to keep pouring the hot oil of public opinion down the bastards’ necks until they gave in. 

I would pass on the same advice to those who seem to be vacillating on whether Congress’ continuing, effective opposition to a racist, immoral wall cutting untold wildlands in two and doing maximum damage to our national pschye as well as our dear Land is such a good idea. I’d say “get a grip”. Place blame here: 
and keep pouring hot oil down your representatives’ necks while remembering to thank them (at least the ones still standing firm) for earning their government health benefits.

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