Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Legislative Auto-Immune Disease (LAID) Defined

I’m not a medical professional, but I’ve had enough interest in medical issues over the course of living for several decades to give human anatomy some thought. Therefore, with a laymen’s expertise, I define “auto-immune disease” as:
·       A disorder within an individual body where a complex system that exists to protect that body mistakes its own self as an invader, fit only for destroying, and actually attacks itself, destroying its own body, and itself.

I’m not a political professional either, but since I’ve given politics at least as much layman’s thought as I’ve given human anatomy over the years, I hearby define a previously-unarticulated political illness called “Legislative Auto-Immune Disease” (LAID). I define LAID as :
·       The Montana Legislature. Through perverse acts of a malfunctioning auto-immune system known as “voting” by individual cells known as “legislators” who mistake systemic functions of democratic process as pathogens in need of destroying, the Montana Legislature is the epitome of a sick legislative body bent on attacking and destroying its own self as a functioning democratic institution.
        Note: “Legislative Auto-Immune Disease” is not copyrighted. In fact it quite clearly and sadly falls within the Public Domain. Feel free to steal it. Just remember: you heard it here first

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